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LinkedIn for Busy Students: Intention + Consistency = Meaningful Results

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Maria Bssadh

by Maria Bssadh

3rd-Year Student in Finance

As a student, I have learned how crucial it is to make connections with professionals and students, and LinkedIn has proven to be an absolute must in that regard. Obviously, it’s not always easy to stay engaged on such a platform while juggling our academic, professional, and private lives. But now that I’ve been using LinkedIn for two years, I can confidently bring you tips on how to do it successfully.

Like, comment, and connect

Much like Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to follow businesses and people you look up to and companies you want to work with. When you respond to or comment on a post, your followers can see what you’re up to, which gives them a glimpse of your interests.

Define your intention

You must have joined LinkedIn for a specific reason. That reason is what will guide you in reaching your goal. Personally, my intention was to network. I decided I would connect with the professionals I meet at workshops and events. That way, I get to stay in touch with them, and they keep my name in mind if an opportunity comes up.

Set your priorities

Students who “don’t have time” to use LinkedIn also tend to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. a lot. When you make LinkedIn your priority, you can build it into your schedule by “stacking” it onto something you do every day, like checking your Facebook page every morning when you wake up.

Target consistency

Now that you’ve “stacked” LinkedIn onto something you already do on a daily basis, you’re more likely to check your feeds, share content, and answer messages more consistently. Consistency is what helps your followers grasp your interests and remember your name.

Keep it updated!

Setting your intentions and following through consistently is kind of pointless if you fail to update your profile. It only a few minutes now and then, not much more than for your phone to update! Think of your profile as a more compelling and thorough version of your resumé that grows with you online.

Now that I have passed my wisdom onto you, it’s time for you to take a step in the right direction and pursue your LinkedIn journey as a busy bee! To know more about LinkedIn, sign up for the “Intro to LinkedIn” workshop hosted by the Telfer Career Centre through Career Launch.