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Job Hunting: Four Simple Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

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Soumya Ananth

by Soumya Ananth

3rd-Year Human Resources Management Student

For any student, finding employment can be quite an ordeal. The arrival of a pandemic has made the job-hunting process even more challenging, often stressful and leading to a state of fatigue and uncertainty about the future. Thankfully, there are effective ways in which you can boost your confidence. Here are four strategies you should try out:

Strategy #1: set measurable goals

When you envision your dream career, you may picture that great job on Bay Street in Toronto with great views, or a job that allows you to travel the world. But how exactly are you going to get there? Small, measurable, yet attainable goals can work as stepping stones in your job hunt. You can set daily or weekly targets, such as sending out at least five job applications, which will help you to track your progress. The SMART method is a good approach. Start small to achieve the big picture!

Strategy #2: recognize your accomplishments

When looking at all our unsuccessful applications, we tend to lose sight of all the amazing things we have accomplished. It is worth taking stock of all the steps we have taken that have gotten us to the very point we are in today. Examine your resume, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio, and acknowledge how your career has evolved and how you are charting the course for the future of your career. Always acknowledge and celebrate the wins, big and small!

Strategy #3: diversify your job hunt

Job hunting does not necessarily mean sending out resumé after resume and applying to job after job online. There are other ways to actively look for employment while gaining valuable knowledge and skills. For example, volunteering with or joining professional organizations like CPA Ontario or the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) can allow you to build your network, get resumé and interview feedback, and show that you are a passionate candidate who takes the initiative to learn and grow. To further your job hunt, leverage all the resources at your disposal, whether people or professional organizations!

Strategy #4: get moving

Let’s be honest: job hunting can get repetitive and tiresome. We are constantly sitting at our desks, staring into our laptop screens, day in and day out. Especially now, as most people are working from home, fatigue and burnout are bound to happen. That is why it is vital to get outside and get your body moving! Whether it is running, riding your bike, or simply taking your dog for a walk around the block, get some fresh air and vitamin D. Not only does this give you a change of scenery, but it boosts your overall mood as well!

The next time you may notice yourself getting bogged down by the negatives that arise from your job hunt, I hope you can incorporate these tips into your life to focus on the positives and boost your confidence.

And don’t forget: a fantastic way to boost your confidence is to reach out to your dedicated career development cheerleaders at the Telfer Career Centre.

Good luck in your job hunt!