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Humans of Telfer – Idriss

“Being a third-year student at the Telfer School of Management, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. From the Ambassador Program to the International Student Coaches Program, from the Telfer Career Centre workshops to the Co-op Program, I was able to acquire solid skills as well as experience that apply as much to daily life as to work.

On top of offering a quality academic formation, Telfer also gives us a wide range of opportunities that we must seize un order to make the most of our student experience.”

– Idriss Diamouténé
Third-year student (Management and Entrepreneurship)
and International Student Coach

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, this weekly feature of the Telfer Career Blog will contain photography of individuals from the Telfer School of Management community and a corresponding narrative that gives us a glimpse into their lives.