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How to Use LinkedIn During Your Job Search

man writing at a laptop


by Jennifer

3rd- year Human Resource Management Student

LinkedIn has many features which allow users to access new and different information, and as a platform created on the basis of expanding user’s professional network, it is a great place to start your job search.

The following 3 tips will allow you to fully utilize your LinkedIn account during your job search.

1. Keep your profile updated and relevant

Many recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool for finding new applicants in the industry, and to do this they make searches based on key words, experiences, skills, and more. By keeping your profile up to date and featuring all relevant knowledge, experience and skills, you are making yourself more visible to the recruiters in your desired industry.

Keeping your profile updated also means that you can quickly and easily apply for jobs without worrying about outdated or missing information. Then when you find the perfect job with a quickly approaching application deadline, you are prepared and can apply within minutes.

2. Use the Job Search Function

This option is a great tool because it allows users to make their search as custom or as broad as they would like. Search for jobs on LinkedIn by clicking the "Jobs" tab, entering keywords and location. Then, you can further customize your search by using the advanced search option and to search by date posted, experience level, specific location, job function, company, and industry. You can then save your searches and receive email notifications when jobs are posted under your saved searches, so you never miss the perfect opportunity!

3. Use Company’s Profile Pages to Learn More and Find Jobs

Many companies have their own profile on LinkedIn which feature information about their mission and vision, recent news, updates, and more. You can also see many employees who work for the company, and a list of current jobs. This can be utilized during the job search in order to target specific companies you may be interested in and get notifications when they post new jobs.