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Meet YOUR Career Centre team for 2023-2024

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Let’s face it. Telfer is just not the same without you. To celebrate your return on campus, we at YOUR Career Centre wanted introduce ourselves. After all, we’ll be seeing quite a bit of each other over the next 8 months! And not to brag, but we look forward to being among your favourite people.

Doug Spencer, Manager, Career Centre

Doug SpencerMy role in a nutshell: Overseeing the development and implementation of the Centre’s services.
A childhood dream: To become Prime Minister.
My sports teams: Tampa Bay Lightning and Manchester United.
My current obsession: Landscaping and rejuvenating my lawn!
What my role at the Centre has taught me: Be curious! We all have different approaches to tasks and problem solving; be open to discovering new ways of thinking.
Where to find me: At the Centre’s networking events. Come and say hello! I’m always happy to introduce our amazing students to our incredible partnering employers. Also, starting this fall, our team will occupy new offices on the 3rd floor of Desmarais. Our team is moving to serve you even more efficiently!

Olivia Singaye (she - her), Special Projects and Events Assistant

Olivia SingayeMy role in a nutshell: Supporting the organization of our various events from start to finish.
My sports team: The French soccer team.
My favourite capital: Paris.
My current obsession: Afrobeat music!
What my role at the Centre has taught me: Many new ways of working and organizing my tasks; my colleagues are always coming up with great ideas!
Where to find me: At our networking events and activities in the Desmarais lobby. You can also find me at my new office on the 3rd floor.

Douce Marie Joanne Nioupin, Student Experience Collaborator (CO-OP)

Douce Marie Johanne NioupinMy role in a nutshell: Assisting with the processes and projects of the Student Experience Team and bringing about concrete, positive impacts for the Telfer community.
My pet peeve: The lack of authenticity and transparency in personal relationships.
My hidden talent: When I’m emotionally inspired, poetry just pours out of me.
My current obsession: Physical activity.
What my role at the Centre has taught me: To know myself better, understand the importance of everyone’s work, and see how my colleagues contribute to the organization’s success. What’s more, I’ve learned to accurately discern the needs and expectations of those around me, so that I can set appropriate goals and achieve them.
Where to find me: At the Student Services Centre on Desmarais's main floor, at various events on campus or in the classroom.

Vickie Lemire, Relationship Manager

Vickie LemireMy role in a nutshell: Building strategic partnerships with employers and fostering the professional and career development of Telfer students.
My superpower: Facilitating new relationships and supporting people in achieving their full potential.
A lifelong passion: Ice hockey. I’m a former Gee-Gee!
My current obsession: Surfskating. Surfskate is a type of skateboard designed to mimic surf’s fluid moves. @surfskate_mom
What my role at the Centre has taught me: Find a job that matches your interests, motivations, and skills. This is what will lead you to success and career satisfaction.
Where to find me: In a virtual or in-person consultation; simply book an appointment through Career Launch.

Marion Lajoie (she - her), Career Counsellor

Marion LajoieMy role in a nutshell: Guiding students as they gain a better sense of self and put a strategy and certain tools in place to build a meaningful career.
My hidden talent: I learned to tap dance as a kid.
My favourite capital: It is hard to choose between Paris and Dublin.
My current obsession: Helping others reach their full potential (including my kids).
What my role at the Centre has taught me: “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” (borrowed from David Viscott)
Where to find me: You can book virtual or in-person meetings through Career Launch. I look forward to supporting you in your career development journey.

Gasline Deslouches, Intermediate Advisor, Communications and Marketing, Career Engagement Coordinator

Gasline DeslouchesMy role in a nutshell: Using different channels and media platforms to promote the Career Centre events, activities, services, and programs.
My hobby: Watching period pieces (movies and series).
A lifelong passion: Traveling.
My hidden talent: I write poetry.
What my role at the Centre has taught me: There is more work that goes into making a project a success than what is known and seen at the front line. Also, early planning makes a big difference!
Where to find me: At my new office on the 3rd floor of Desmarais or at DMS 1111 G, right next to Albert, my spider plant!

Salima Boujanah, Relationship Manager

Salima BoujanahMy role in a nutshell: Building bridges between students and employers and making meaningful connections with both along the way.
My hobby: Reading books. It helps me escape reality when life gets a little too much.
My pet peeve: Cockroaches. I hate them with every fibre of my being.
My favourite author: H. D. Carlton. Her writing is outstanding.
What my role at the Centre has taught me: It taught me how to develop more confidence in my own skills and knowledge.
Where to find me: At my new office on the 3rd floor of Desmarais!

Véronique Bélinge (she - her), Translator and Professional Development Coordinator

Véronique BélingeMy role in a nutshell: Coaching Telfer students on how to prepare effective job applications and providing editing and translation services for the entire team!
My superpower: Transforming resumés from “meh” to “WOW!”
My pet peeve: Spelling mistakes in proper nouns... and labels on fruits!
My hidden talent: I can knit with my eyes closed or while walking. Not while driving, but almost! ;0)
What my role at the Centre has taught me: Knowing how to surround yourself with highly competent people and absorb their knowledge and ways of doing things is the key to success.
Where to find me in person: At our CV mentoring sessions with Telfer’s new brigade of career coaches. No need to book an appointment! Just drop in with your print resumé on Mondays from 10 a.m. to noon and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at DMS 3120. At the time of writing, I’m in the middle of moving with my colleagues to the 3rd floor of Desmarais! You can also make an appointment with me on Career Launch for a virtual or in-person consultation.

Now that you’ve got to know our team a little better, we hope to have the privilege of meeting you this fall at the Career Centre Pop-up, on Wednesday and Thursday, September 6 and 7, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Desmarais lobby.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.



About the Author

(Elle/She)<br><br>Coordonnatrice de développement professionnel au Centre des carrières de Telfer, Véronique Bélinge est titulaire d’un baccalauréat ès arts en traduction, d’un baccalauréat ès sciences sociales en études internationales et langues modernes, ainsi que d’une maîtrise ès arts en littératures et cultures du monde. Avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience alliant traduction, révision, édition, rédaction publicitaire, création de contenu numérique et élaboration de messages organisationnels, elle offre aux étudiants du B.Com. et du MBA des services d’encadrement en développement de carrière et d’image de marque personnelle, depuis l’adaptation du CV jusqu’aux techniques d’entrevue en passant par LinkedIn.<br><br>Véronique Bélinge is the Professional Development Coordinator at the Telfer School of Management Career Centre. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Translation, an Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with a specialization in International Studies and Modern Languages as well as a Master of Arts in World Literatures and Cultures. With 20+ years of combined experience in translation, revision, copywriting, copyediting, publicity writing, digital content creation, and corporate messaging, she provides B.Com. and MBA students with personal branding and career coaching services encompassing everything from resumé tailoring to LinkedIn and interview techniques.

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