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Humans of Telfer ─ Lila Galipeau

Lila Galipeau smiling at the camera, her head slightly tilted to the right.Lila Galipeau, 3rd-year Marketing student

Get To Know Lila

Current off-campus occupation:
A: Running my own marketing and podcasting agency (Partnr Media) and interning at an Ottawa-based productivity software start-up (

My favourite subjects at university:
A: The case competition course (the one taught by Germaine Aoun) and International Business.

The reason why I choose Telfer:
A: The wonderful exchange opportunities abroad and the possibility to remain close to my family.

What drives me at Telfer:
A: The communities you can become part of (clubs, case competitions, etc.) and how welcoming all the students in the different clubs are.

My advice to incoming students:
A: Join a club or get involved somehow as soon as possible! Just going to class is not how you get the most value. Creating connections, building lasting relationships, and getting real-world experience: that is what will best prepare you and shape your future in the long run. I absolutely recommend taking part in the Telfer Internal Case Competition (TICC) in the first year to get a taste for case competitions in a less intense setting and to see if it’s something you want to take part in throughout your experience at Telfer as well.

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Q: What would be your ideal career?
A: I love managing people and helping other businesses, so growing my business (Partnr Media) even further is what I hope to do. I really want to maintain the flexibility to work from anywhere and live the digital nomad life as well.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far?
A: Any math-based courses (statistics, business analytics, etc.)

Q: What personal, academic or professional achievement are you most proud of?
A: Being able to fully support myself while running my own business and studying full time, getting accepted to my dream exchange destination in New Zealand and taking part in two case competitions in my second year of university as an academic delegate (JDC and HM), whilst also being Co-president of the Telfer Marketing Association that same year.

Author: Mathilde Guibord