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Caroline Chamberland

Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award recipient

Student with PhD prgoram director and the Telfer School Dean Caroline is a PhD student in Management (Health Systems specialization). Driven by her desire to pursue a career in international development and her passion for maternal health, Caroline decided to learn more about maternal health workforce in situations of displacement and fragility.

Caroline has received the Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award because of her steady progress in her research and her engagement to promote the graduate program outside of Telfer.

Caroline is currently developing a study that will engage multiple stakeholders involved in the delivery of maternal health services. Among her many professional initiatives, Caroline has been carrying out a research project to develop a planning model of health human resource for the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network’s Integrated Primary Care Strategy.

Her passion to make a difference in her field has also led her to be actively engaged in the community. Caroline has volunteered as a birth companion for new immigrant mothers in Canada and worked in refugee camps overseas.

Through research, practice, and a strong desire to have an impact, Caroline is trying to make a valuable and much needed contribution to maternal health services in a local and global scale.

Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award

The Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award recognizes PhD students who have acted as role models for other students and demonstrated continued engagement with the program, success in their courses, initiative in applying for scholarships, and steady progress in their research.

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