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About the Program

The Lean and Agile Leadership Program provides public sector leaders a unique opportunity to learn how to apply advanced leadership thinking from the field of Lean Enterprise to their day-to-day work to create and sustain breakthrough improvements as well as ongoing habits of continuous improvement. The program includes an introduction to the fundamentals of the Lean improvement approach emphasizing the role of a leader at each stage of implementation as well as an exploration of what Lean leaders do differently to create efficiency and effectiveness, measure performance, and empower people for better results. The program focuses on developing the knowledge and skills of leaders as they either lead a Lean transformation, or simply apply their learnings to increase their personal and team effectiveness outside of a formal Lean transformation.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders (Senior Manager to ADM) who:

  • Wish to start or strengthen a Lean transformation in their areas of responsibility, or
  • Wish to learn more about how they, as leaders, can apply Lean thinking to increase their own leadership and team effectiveness, even if they are not planning a formal Lean transformation

What You Will Learn

  1. Your role as a leader of a Lean transformation
  2. Lean tools and systems that you, as a leader, can use to create and sustain both initial breakthrough improvement and continuous improvement
  3. How to recognize “wastes” or non-value activities that you, as a leader, control directly and how to free up capacity, for yourself and your team, by eliminating these wastes.

Program Takeaways

  1. How to apply Lean principles to free up +/- 10 hours per week to create space for high-value-added activities
  2. Understand your leadership role in a Lean transformation, and create your own “Leader Standard Work”, or set of regular, simple, behaviours to create and sustain continuous improvement inyour organization
  3. Understand the critical success factors of Lean transformations and know how to tangibly apply these principles to make continuous improvement a natural part of life in your area of responsibility
  4. Create improved alignment and free up your own and your team’s capacity to make improvements by applying the principles of Lean strategic planning.
  5. A tangible, specific, and practical plan to get started implementing workshop topics directly into your own work

Program Facilitators

Craig Szelestowski

Craig Szelestowski



Registration Deadline

Friday, February 25, 2022


In-person sessions


March 24 - 26, 2025

This program is also offered in Fall 2024.


$2,400 + HST
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