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Solidifying the Foundations of Core Business Functions

The Telfer Executive MBA curriculum enhances the general management capabilities of our candidates. The program builds upon the understanding of individual core disciplines of management and the integration of these disciplines in order to critically evaluate strategic opportunities. During your first year of studies, you will complete courses in the foundations of business. This will solidify your knowledge of the key elements of corporate finance, marketing, financial and managerial accounting, data analysis and human resources. During your second year of studies, you will build upon the fundamental courses by integrating these individual concepts into the formulation, evaluation and implementation of corporate strategy. This includes a strategic look at globalization and its role within a corporate strategy.

Expanding your Network

The Telfer Executive MBA will expand your network and linkages to leadership:

  • By attending a diverse range of events and networking activities during the course of the program.
  • By meeting and learning from guest lecturers. Professors often invite industry leaders into the classroom to provide a connection between the content of the course and the alignment with active application in the business environment.
  • By becoming a member of the Telfer Executive MBA community. You will develop close relationships with your fellow Executive MBA candidates, faculty, supervisors, the Telfer Executive MBA alumni network, as well as their extended networks.

Enhancing Your Organizational and Management Skills

The roles of senior-level positions will require a deliberate reliance on working with a diversified team in order to effectively execute business strategies. The Telfer Executive MBA’s strong emphasis on teamwork provides you with the opportunity to develop critical team and leadership skills. The Class will be divided into teams for the duration of the program. This team environment allows you to leverage the strengths of your peers while learning and building upon opportunities for your personal growth. Our Leadership and Management course provides you with the tools to self-identify your own learning and leadership preferences as well as how individual preferences contribute to a productive team environment. A support network is available to coach each team through the different stages of team performance. The Program’s team-building exercises are easily transferable to your own team environments within your workplace.

Leaders in the Classroom: Guest Speakers

Our program draws upon the learnings and experienced senior leaders within the community by inviting them into the Telfer Executive MBA classroom. Moving well beyond a traditional case study method, guest speakers provide the opportunity to actively participate in a ‘live’ business case. You can discuss, question and critic the business leader who was responsible for making key critical and strategic decisions within his or her organization during the discussion.

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