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One of the core components of the Telfer Executive MBA Program is the integration of six business consulting projects within the curriculum. Each project requires you to work as a business consultant with client organizations addressing real business challenges and opportunities in short timelines.

The Telfer Executive MBA Program prepares you for the business consulting projects through the Management Consulting course in your first semester. You will be introduced to the skills and processes that are fundamental components of consulting work in any industry.  Following the introductory course, the six business consulting projects you will complete are strategically aligned within the curriculum to accompany themes you are learning in the classroom.  This allows you to apply your new skill-set directly to the business consulting projects in real-time, thus creating an active transition from academic theory to practical application.

At the Telfer Executive MBA Program, there is a strong emphasis placed on teamwork and learning to work within a group environment. Five of six business consulting projects involve working within a team environment, where you will learn how to collaborate effectively to successfully complete the objective of each respective business consulting project. The teamwork component of the program focuses you on the reality of the global economy where you are often unable to choose the members of your team.  This opportunity will allow you to learn how to leverage strengths of others, to understand team dynamics and to appreciate a process for sharing leadership and responsibility with an aim to achieve the deliverables of the Telfer Executive MBA Program.

The Telfer Executive MBA's Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects:

The function of marketing is to establish the relationship between the corporation and the market place. The strategic marketing business consulting project allows your team to validate the different analytical and planning techniques learned from the class as well as to develop the critical thinking capability required to use these methods for strategic and operational decision-making.

Your team will work with a not-for-profit organization within Ottawa with the goal of contributing back to the community while understanding the marketing challenges faced by charitable organizations.

John Texeria"The Strategic Marketing Business Consulting Project was very challenging and rewarding for me. Our client, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, implemented several of the recommendations from our report on increasing contribution for the “Rattle Me Bones” race. The outcome of our project increased net revenues by more than 50% for the event.”

John Texeria, EMBA 2014, Vice President of Operations at Blueprint Energy

You will travel to California's Silicon Valley to complete a team-based consulting assignment on behalf of a North American company. In addition, you will also visit the world's leading technology companies, attend private executive briefings with senior Silicon Valley leaders and see first-hand previews of the future technology and innovation. You will be exposed to a unique, hands-on learning experience that will equip you for leadership in today's competitive global marketplace.

John Texeria Teams contribute to a daily blog throughout the week of the trip.

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The Individual Business Consulting Project is the single most important independent assignment you will undertake while in the Program. This project will be your number one priority while classes are out for the summer. You will have the opportunity to select the client organization and work with your client to identify the scope of the project. A supervisor will be assigned to help focus you on the scope and deliverable of the project.  The supervisor will also serve as your coach and mentor throughout the process.  During the summer months, you will engage with your client while completing your research and analysis on the topic. The final deliverable requires you to formally communicate your recommendations to the Executive MBA Director, your client and your supervisor through a 20-minute presentation and a final written report.

You may choose to showcase your skills to your employer by selecting your organization as the client of your project or step outside your sector to explore new and unfamiliar business domains.

This course is delivered with a strong emphasis on experiential learning with engagement from key stakeholders in the new business creation field. During the second year, on behalf of local entrepreneurs, your team will work and present a business plan and investor package to a panel of investors who will decide on the fundability of the project.

Over the past decade, candidates have presented investors packages with an average of one in every three presentations resulting in a follow-up meeting with the panel. This is well above the average industry success rate of one in a hundred.

Your team will conduct a strategic analysis of a company in the context of the "Strategy Formulation and Implementation" course of the Program.

This project allows teams to identify a client organization that is considering doing business in the international market selected for the International Consulting Project. The key element of the business strategy project is to assess the fit between the company, its strategy and the destination selected.

The International Consulting Project and Trip takes place at the end of the Program. It will enable you to apply a global perspective to all you have learned in the Program.

Your team will determine both a business and market objective for your respective client company, conduct business intelligence analysis and develop preliminary recommendations prior to the trip.

While visiting the international market, your team will gather further intelligence through other data gathering methods to validate market potential, to explore the ecosystem of the business, to hold stakeholder interviews, to solidify contacts, and to experience first-hand the local rules and protocols of business. Upon your return, you will present the results and a report to your client.  Please note that most clients accompany the class on the international trip.

Sachelle Magloire-Prosper"Sachelle recently returned from Guangzhou, P.R of China after completing the final team business consulting report for a client as a part of the International Business Consulting Project and Trip. The project involved a thorough analysis and evaluation of an appropriate approach for the Chinese market. The trip focused on in-country meetings to validate information and to possibly identify business partners. The outcome for the eight months of hard work by Sachelle's team is a deal worth US$400M for the client company.”

Sachelle Magloire-Prosper, EMBA 2014, Director, Strategic Innovation Fund at Innovation, Science and Economic Development

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