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Group discussion in the boardroom The decision to pursue a Telfer Executive MBA degree is an active investment in your career. It requires your full commitment during the 21 months of the Program.  At the Telfer Executive MBA Program, we will match your investment and commitment to the Program with a life-changing learning experience.

The schedule of class sessions, trips and additional mandatory classes are planned in advance to allow you to balance your personal and professional commitments alongside the Telfer Executive MBA commitments.

Fee Schedule*: 

Instalment Due Date Fees (CAD)
Non-Refundable Deposit June 1, 2023 $5,000
First Instalment Late September of Year One $17,500
Second Instalment Early February of Year One $17,500
Third Instalment Late September of Year Two $17,500
Final Instalment Early February of Year Two $17,500
Total   $75,000

*The Telfer Executive MBA follows the fees schedule of the University of Ottawa. Exact dates for tuition deadlines are published annually by the University of Ottawa under Important Dates and Deadlines

International students will be charged the mandatory cost of the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) in addition to the fee schedule.

Our tuition fees covers:

  • All required books and course materials, access to our IT infrastructure and University library databases;
  • 24-hour access to the Centre for Executive Leadership facility;
  • Digital recording of classes and tutorial sessions;
  • Nutritious meals and snacks served on class days;
  • Dual occupancy accommodations, travel insurance, breakfast and special banquets or meals organized by the program during the official dates of your two trips;
  • All of the benefits of a full-time student at the University of Ottawa;
  • Opportunities to attend a variety of business networking events, seminars and other related functions.

Alumni who decided to make the personal financial investment in the Program had found that the most effective financial mechanisms available are a line of credit with a bank and/or a withdrawal from their RRSP.

Under the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP), you may withdraw up to $10,000 in one calendar year (and up to $20,000 in total) from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Please contact the Canada Revenue Agency for further details.

The TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank are supporters of the Telfer Executive MBA Program. They are pleased to provide special financing arrangements to meet your needs.

Please note that scholarships are not available through the Telfer Executive MBA program for those who demonstrate financial need.

Telfer Executive MBA candidates who are funding all or a portion of the Program tuition fees may personally claim eligible tuition and education amounts. To be eligible for the tuition tax credit, the total of such fees paid to an educational institution in Canada for the year must exceed $100. Fees paid to the Student Union, Alumni Association and those costs not considered tuition, such as meals, parking and travel are not eligible for inclusion in the tuition tax credit. Candidates may be eligible for the education tax credit for each month of part-time or full-time registration. For income tax purposes, a full-time student is defined as a person actively registered in a minimum of 2 credits per month.

The T2202A Tuition and Education Credit Certificate will automatically reflect the number of months of enrollment eligible to be considered as part-time or full-time. Further details concerning the Tuition and Education Amount tax credit may be obtained by referencing Canada Revenue Agency’s General Income Tax and Benefit Guide, by contacting CRA’s district taxation office or by visiting the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Interested candidates from outside of Canada are welcome to apply to the Telfer Executive MBA Program.

Tuition fees for international candidates (including those from the U.S.A.) remain the same. International students will be charged the mandatory cost of the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

There are two options for you to participate in the program: 

In-person: If your preference is for an in-person classroom learning experience, you can opt to attend the program on campus in Ottawa. As an international student, you will require a study permit to study in Canada. 

Online: If your preference is for an online learning experience, you can opt to attend the program through our virtual platform and in real time. By selecting this virtual option, you will be expected to log in from wherever you are in the world and actively join your peers and professor in Ottawa. All hybrid classes are held from 8:00 a.m. up to 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time according to a pre-set bi-weekly schedule for the 21-month program.  

The full cohort, including those participating in classes online, will meet in-person during the two mandatory international trips when you travel to the locations and actively participate with your peers during these exciting and immersive components of the program. 

Supporting an employee's pursuit in obtaining a Telfer Executive MBA degree is an investment in the future growth of your organization.

The Design of the Telfer Executive MBA prepares the Next Generation of Business Leaders.

The Program provides a rigorous professional development opportunity for organizations requiring their executives and senior managers to successfully understand and think strategically, as well as adapt to the new realities of global business. Our curriculum focuses on exploring the best options in enhancing value to customers, shareholders and the community at large.

Increase the Value of your Business by Increasing the Skills of your Personnel.

By supporting your employee throughout the Program, you will help develop a high performing employee by allowing them to realize their own potential and grow their strategic confidence. Throughout the 21 intensive months of rigorous learning, hands-on projects and major business consulting projects, candidates systematically acquire the strategic perspective, leadership skills, and operational knowledge required of senior managers and executives. The Telfer Executive MBA’s flexible schedule minimizes absence from work and enables your employee to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge directly to benefit your organization.  The end result provides your organization with immediate and tangible results, while systematically growing the talent within your employee required to move them into the next level of responsibility in your organization.

This Direct Investment in Employee Development Ensures an Immediate Corporate Dividend.

Your return on investment will be further augmented as candidates contribute to the organization through the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects or through their capacity to assume increasing responsibilities as they acquire new competencies throughout the course of the Program. The application of knowledge will be immediate as they progress through the Program, illustrating the direct value for your organization through supporting an employee in the Telfer Executive MBA Program.

Close to one thousand private and public sector organizations have benefited from our various business consulting projects – most frequently, the candidates' employers.

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