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Lindsay Armstrong
Lindsay Armstrong
4th Year Finance Student

1. Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to expand your network, give back to your community and gain transferable skills that employers are looking for in a candidate. The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement is a great place to start looking. There are many opportunities available — from a few hours to a semester-long commitment! You can even log your hours that you complete while in University and get an Official Co-Curricular record, which is a record of all of your volunteer experience and hours you completed throughout your degree! Another resource for finding volunteer opportunities is Volunteer Ottawa, where many organizations around the city post volunteer opportunities from a diverse range of sectors.

2. Internship/CO-OP Programs

Another way to enhance your resumé and university experience is to gain first-hand experience working in an area that is related to what you’re studying in school. The University offers CO-OP programs for every undergraduate program at Telfer, which involves completing four work terms (three for Accounting students) in order to start your career path, gain relevant work experience, and earn money while you’re completing your degree.

In addition to the CO-OP program, the Career Centre also offers several programs that can help you gain valuable experience while you’re still in University. One of these programs is the Telfer BCom Internship Program, which is generally multiple work terms of paid work experience related to your field of study. Another would be the Connexions Programa voluntary part-time internship program that bridges the gap between academic and professional experience.

There are also many opportunities for students to find their own internships, through employer websites, networking events and company information sessions.

3. Telfer Extracurricular Involvement

Another great way to gain valuable experience and skills is extracurricular involvement. Luckily, here at Telfer there are countless ways you can get involved! For example, you could join a club, attend networking events, apply for Club Executive or a Teaching Assistant position, join a mentorship program, represent Telfer in a case competition, participate in an international exchange or attend a conference!

The experiences you gain from your involvement can set you apart from your peers, and help you to improve your teamwork, leadership and public speaking skills that you can add to your resumé — just to name a few!



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