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Telfer Connects was a huge success this year. More than 270 students and over 95 employers from 32 companies attended the event. As a third-year Telfer student, this year was my first time coming to the event as a student attendee and at the same time as an ambassador for the Career Centre. I got a chance to see the event from two different perspectives and would love to share my experience with you.

Last Year’s and This Year’s Format
Compared to last year, Telfer Connects has maintained its core structure and interesting additional elements. Students could meet several employers from different industries as well as have their LinkedIn photos taken and get feedback on how to improve their resumés on site by the Career Centre reviser. Even though Telfer Connects has been successfully run as one of the biggest networking events in the faculty, there were some changes implemented to improve the event. This year Telfer Connects’ format was organized in a new way with some additional features. In the room, all the employers had cocktail tables with their company’s names instead of big booths. There was a map at the front of the entrance that showed where each of the employers were standing. This change helped with the flow of students and created a more relaxed atmosphere in the room. Students were less stressed about networking with the employers and could take breaks outside on the couches whenever they wanted.

An Ambassador's Perspective
I came to Telfer Connects an hour after the event started to help out with the event as an ambassador. By the time I arrived, DMS 4101 was full of students and employers. The Career Centre staff and the ambassadors were helping everyone to get their name tags and direct them to the room to start networking. I was welcoming students and assisting them with questions regarding where certain employers were in the room. Every student that approached me seemed to have previous experience in networking. I asked a few of them if they networked prior to that day. Most of them told me that they had attended Telfer Networks during their 1st and 2nd years, which helped them to become more familiar with how to approach the employers at this type of event. Overall, students were well dressed and looked confident. Some of them brought their resumés and were ready to get employer contacts. One of the employers shared with me how he was impressed by how Telfer students present themselves professionally and are able to have interesting conversations.

A Student's Perspective 
After my shift, I had some time to network with the employers myself. Even though the room seemed to be crowded, I did not have to stand in a long line to talk to company representatives. I think the fact that every company had at least two representatives helped a lot to meet student demand. It was easy to talk to the employers from the companies I was interested in. I talked with CLV Group, EY, RCGT, BMO and TD Bank, and I asked them all my questions regarding their experiences in their companies and touched on some topics non-related to the companies or jobs. They all were more than willing to share their insights with me and exchange contact information. Of course, at the end of the event I went to get my free LinkedIn photo, which took me 5 minutes.

Overall, Telfer Connects has been improving according to previous year attendees and my personal experience. I like how the Telfer Career Centre is always looking for new ways to innovate the event and offer students and employers an amazing platform to connect. I am excited to see what Telfer Connects will have to offer next year to students and employers.

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