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Recognizing Telfer Graduate Student Research Excellence from a Distance in 2020

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Congratulations Telfer Nation! It is always a pleasure to recognize the excellent research achievements of our students. This year has been exceptionally challenging for all, and each of you are champions for persevering in your training and research despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic.

We would have loved to celebrate all your accomplishments by organizing a social event at Telfer, with lots of cake, laughter, and friendship. Though we are unable to celebrate your wonderful success in person this year, this does not diminish the recognition you all deserve.

Join me in congratulating the following 2020 winners who have secured various scholarships, received prestigious awards, and ranked among the top 3 presenters at the Telfer Graduate Research Student Thesis Competition.

Scholarship Success

External funding opportunities are limited and highly competitive. The following MSc and PhD students were awarded prestigious provincial and federal scholarships:Graduation cap and coins

  • Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Master’s Scholarship - CIHR
    • Mara Mihailescu
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship - SSHRC
    • Alison Coates 
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships
    • Andrew Scarffe
    • Nina Nesdoly
    • Léa Dugal
    • Amirhossein Moosavi
    • Anna Fedotova 
  • Queen Elizabeth II
    • Esra Ben Ismail

Telfer Research Awards

Each year the Telfer School offers two Research Awards to students who demonstrate continued commitment to their research and the success of the school.

  • Alexander Chung received the 2019-2020 PhD Engagement Award.   
  • Hong Qiu, won the first prize of the John Duncan and Deb Cross Award for her article entitled “Managing Family-Related Conflicts in Family Businesses: A Review and Research Agenda” published in Family Business Review.  
  • Alison Coates won the second prize of the John Duncan and Deb Cross Award for her article “Sustaining Rural Access to Emergency Care through Collaborative Emergency Centres in Nova Scotia” published in Health Reform Observer.  

Student Thesis Competition

On Friday October 23, 2020 fourteen students participated in a virtual Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition and impressed us with a morning of captivating presentations. The competition was fierce, but four students ranked among the top 3 presenters and received cash prizes.

Nadia Landry - 1st prize, 3000$

Nina Nesdoly - 2nd prize, 2000$

Esra Ben Ismail and Marwa Solimon - tied for 3rd prize, 500$ each

About the Author

Rania Nasrallah a rejoint le bureau de recherche Telfer en 2019. Elle a obtenu son doctorat en médecine à l'Université d'Ottawa et apporte à ce rôle plus de deux décennies d'expérience en recherche. Rania participe à tous les aspects du mandat du Bureau de la recherche et est responsable de fournir un large éventail de services aux membres du corps professoral et aux étudiants de recherche de deuxième et troisième cycle. Elle gère les subventions internes et les bourses d'études, et participe à la stratégie de communication de la recherche. Elle fournit également un soutien aux chercheurs avant l'attribution des subventions afin de maximiser le succès du financement au niveau national et international. En outre, elle travaille en étroite collaboration avec le Vice-doyen à la recherche pour élaborer et mettre en œuvre des stratégies visant à améliorer le financement et la vélocité de la recherche à Telfer, conformément à notre vision pour créer un meilleur Canada et un meilleur monde pour tous.<br/><br/>Rania Nasrallah joined the Telfer Research Office in 2019. She completed her PhD in Medicine at the University of Ottawa and brings over two decades of research experience to this role. Rania is involved in all aspects of the mandate of the Research Office and is responsible for providing a wide range of services to faculty members and research based graduate students. She manages internal grants, student awards, and participates in the research communication strategy. She also provides pre-award support to researchers to optimize funding success nationally and internationally. In addition she works closely with the Vice Dean Research to develop and implement strategies to enhance research funding and intensity at Telfer following our vision to create a better Canada and a better world for all.

Profile Photo of Rania Nasrallah