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Rising stars – Tristan Langlais

  1. Who is Tristan Langlais?  

    I am a third-year student currently in my first coop term at the Costco Canada Head Office. I come from Montreal (Sec 5). I started university at 17 years old. From my first week at school, I was able to get a job as a student ambassador. It contributed immensely to my professional development. In second year, I had the pleasure of joining Telfer Finance as Marketing Director, which gave me the opportunity to widen my social media knowledge from a new perspective. Thanks to my maturity and my skills in management, I was promoted to supervisor on the student ambassador team even though I am the youngest member of the team. 

    At Costco, after a week of work, I am already trusted to plan very large orders and I am able to write marketing contracts with suppliers, being an inventory control specialist.

    I am part of an extremely motivated team of 7 people who trust me in my day-to-day operations. We manage an entire department of the branch, and each day brings a new challenge. I already feel at home after a few days at work and I am considered an important member of the team. 

    In short, thanks to the School of Management, I was able to quickly launch my professional career.

    Tristan Langlais pictured
  2. What are you currently studying at uOttawa’s Telfer School of Management?

    I am currently studying in B. Com option in marketing with coop.

  3. Can you tell us about your involvement at the Telfer School? 

    I have a huge sense of belonging to the Business School (That guy with the Telfer Shoes) and I am involved in all kinds of events. Whether it's case competitions as a participant or coach (mentor) I like to take on new challenges while helping my community (the Telfer school). I was a mentor for Perfect Pitch with Enactus, I participated and won TICC with my team. I taught twice in front of young people as part of “Destination Réussite” on how to start a business. I participated in a promotional video with over 15,000 views on the university's YouTube channel. I was a guide for 101 week.

  4. What do you love the most about the Telfer School and/or uOttawa? (profs, courses, clubs, social network, etc.)

    People who know me well know that I like to put on my suits. In Telfer, there are enough networking events relevant to my program so I can wear my suits almost every week. In other words, it's possible to network and get to know a lot of people from different places and fields. I like it to be simple to progress and develop, but it is also only those who make the necessary effort that will get there. In a word, it's a very rewarding school.

  5. Do you have a fun fact about yourself? If so, what is it?

    Eight months after I started learning English, I found myself in front of a group of 50 English-speaking people on a 1h30 campus tour. Evidence that the university gives us the chance to get out of his comfort zone...

  6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time in Ottawa?

    Coming from Montreal, I knew absolutely nothing about Ottawa. My pleasure recently is to discover what the city offers restaurant wise. I'm always available for a coffee in one of the many local coffee shops for a little networking session!

  7. Whom or what inspires you the most?

    A great source of inspiration for me is the students who rub shoulders with me. I realize that we are many to work hard to succeed and to break into the realm of our dreams. With that in mind I think that I am able to go ahead, and I am motivated to give everything to stand out. But this motivation comes from my surroundings. Whether it's my parents who encourage me at every step of the way, my friends and co-workers on campus inspire me a lot.

  8. What are your career aspirations?

    I would love to work in the marketing field for a company that trusts me to represent it externally. I like talking with people and I like to present / sell my ideas and beliefs.

  9. If you are a bursary or scholarship recipient, how has the additional financial aid impacted your student experience?

    I am the lucky recipient of several awards 

    • Legico-CHP Fleur de Lys 
    • Ethics of the new millennium 
    • Roger Guindon 
    • Admission scholarship


    These scholarships allowed me to take a huge amount of stress off my shoulders so that I could focus on my studies and my professional career. They allowed me to pay a large part of my tuition and encouraged and motivated me to continue my studies.

  10. Optional: What would you like to say to donors who give to enhance the Telfer student experience?

    A huge thank you. These scholarships are more than just money for students. It's an incredible source of motivation when you realize that a person / organization believes in us and encourages us to continue.

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