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Chelsea Parker - Impact of Your Donation

Chelsea Parker

Telfer Student Activity Fund

Beginning as a model on the runaway at her first CASCO event, Chelsea has worked her way up to her position now as the President of the CASCO Charity Organization. Chelsea Parker is a fourth year BCom student with a specialization in accounting with co-op. Chelsea has been actively involved in the Telfer community, participating in extracurricular activities such as JDC, JDCC, the Telfer Accounting Club and CASCO. Chelsea started her first co-op with Welch in January 2017 and hopes to get her CPA once she graduates in December 2019. With the help of your donations, Chelsea has been empowered and has flourished professionally and personally. 

Born and raised in Ottawa, Chelsea chose to study at Telfer for the many student opportunities Telfer provides. When asked about her involvement with Telfer and why she loves the school she responded, “The courses and academics are great but what really enhanced my experience within Telfer were the extracurricular activities”. CASCO is a student run charity organization that has raised more than $560,000 over the past 19 years for the CHEO Foundation.Chelsea says, “Most families in Ottawa have used the CHEO facilities, so being a part of CASCO was a unique and fulfilling opportunity.

CASCO is composed of all students doing what we love and it has been an incredible opportunity to be a part of the team. We are more than a club, we learn through our roles more than school can teach through courses, and it has been an all-around great opportunity.” Chelsea also spoke about her gratitude and appreciation for JDC. She said, “JDC allows you to apply and enhance your academic skills by utilizing what you learned in class in case competitions. Being involved in CASCO and JDC allowed me the opportunity to be in a leadership role which is highly transferable for when I graduate and enter the working world.” Chelsea is one of many dedicated hard working young students who have tremendously benefited from donations.

Chelsea demonstrates her ambition through her commitment to CASCO, JDC, co-op at a top end accounting firm all while balancing her classes. Her tenacity and motivation stems from her family who inspire her in different ways. Chelsea said, “My mom inspires me with her kindness and selflessness. My dad for his drive and tenacity. We tell people who make donations to CASCO that every penny counts, even if you feel it is small, it adds to the total amount that we donate to CHEO.” Chelsea acknowledges and appreciates the impact of your donations as any amount of generosity goes a long way. Chelsea can speak on behalf of many Telfer students of her gratitude for donors like yourself who allowed Chelsea the opportunity to become philanthropic leader at Telfer.