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Program Overview

The Microprogram Management Consulting is a premier management consulting program for purpose-driven commerce students in Canada; it provides the skills and experience to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving business landscape.

The microprogram is structured as a two-year program that provides Telfer BCom students with the opportunity to learn, develop and apply skills to prepare for careers in management consulting and contribute to a better Canada. It runs during the last two years of the BCom, and is comprised of academic courses, employer-led workshops, networking with industry professionals, a formal real-world management consulting project, and valuable mentorship from Certified Management Consultants (CMC) or Fellow CMCs (FCMC).

Program Structure


Third-year students

  • Enrolment in ADM 3704 | 3304 Management Consulting (3 units – fall term)
  • 23 Thursday-night extra-curricular experiential learning sessions, including 15+ employer-led workshops, presentations, case simulations, and office visits*
  • Trip to Toronto during fall Reading Week, which includes visits to consultant offices and networking
  • A management consulting panel and networking event
  • Psychological assessments (e.g., MBTI) for increased self-awareness
  • Mentorship from senior students

*The extra-curricular experiential learning sessions take place in person at Desmarais or at employer locations every Thursday evening from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. except during exam periods and holidays. Sessions start the first week of school in September and end the last week of March.


Fourth-year students

  • Enrolment in ADM 4907 Management Consulting Project (3 units – fall term)
  • Additional courses to be taken in fall or winter: ADM 4503 | 4103 (Project Management) and ADM 4737 | 4337 (Managing Change)
  • Mentorship from a CMC-Canada Certified Management Consultant or Fellow CMC (CMC/FCMC)
  • Leadership assignments to assist in the development and success of future cohorts

Management consulting project

In the ADM 4907 Management Consulting Project course, students partner with client organizations and conduct a project as a management consultant to help the organization enhance its operations and achieve its objectives.

Students are expected to devote 60 hours of effort each, or 180-300 hours per team, to the project over 10 weeks from September to December.

The course consists of four mandatory modules and check-in sessions with the professor, while the remaining coursework gives students the flexibility to complete projects in a self-directed manner, considering their team's and the client's availability.

Benefits for students participating in the management consulting project

  • Experience in the complete consulting process (entry, diagnosis, action planning, implementation and termination)
  • Opportunities to build client-consultant relationship skills
  • Mentorship from a CMC-Canada Certified Management Consultant or Fellow CMC (CMC/FCMC)
  • Academic units (3)
  • Valuable project experience to add to a resumé

  • Examining business processes and reengineering them for greater efficiency
  • Proposing more effective methods for outreach to stakeholders
  • Introducing innovation to the operations
  • Proposing improvements to infrastructure or systems
  • Conducting value-for-money reviews
  • Proposing organizational developments
  • Proposing change management strategy
  • Conducting a competitive analysis and proposing a scalable growth strategy
  • Conducting a feasibility study and proposing a market entry strategy
  • Submitting a business case for a new investment
  • Investigating a new line of revenue streams
  • Conducting a marketing and strategic analysis

Program Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of:
    • ADM 3704 | 3304 Management Consulting
    • ADM 4503 | 4103 Project Management
    • ADM 4737 | 4337 Managing Change
    • ADM 4907 Management Consulting Project
  • Mandatory attendance and active participation in all the microprogram activities, sessions and events (unless absences are justified and approved by the program manager)
  • Adherence to the Microprogram Management Consulting code of conduct
  • Adherence to the CMC-Canada code of conduct

Upon graduation, students will be recognized as graduates of the Microprogram Management Consulting and will have the microprogram appear on their transcript.

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