As such, and based on the work conducted over the past year as part of our strategic planning exercise, we must put in motion initiatives that will enable our school to achieve quick wins, to make our mark on the regional, national and international scene, and to position us to become a leading institution for management education and innovative research.

Focusing on five key priorities

With these needs clearly in mind, we will focus our energy and resources on five priorities in the coming academic year:

1. We will carry out a comprehensive study to determine what actions and investments are needed now to develop and launch a PhD program by 2013. The reputation of outstanding schools of management is built through the excellence and relevance of the research these programs produce; and establishing a strong PhD program will enable us to maintain our research momentum.

2. We will implement the recommendations that came out of last year’s strategic planning exercise to improve the experiences of Telfer students. To be precise, we will offer two more management courses to first-year students, including a new IT applications for business course; we will work at developing a Telfer culture based on collegiality, strong professional ethics and academic excellence and integrity; and we will put in place initiatives that provide students with unique learning experiences built on meaningful and value-added interactions between students and professors.

3. We will revise and redesign the delivery modes of our graduate professional programs to better address the specific learning needs and career demands of francophone and part-time students of our MBA and MHA programs.

4. We will develop detailed and integrated action plans that will enable us to create and grow programs, hire and retain excellent faculty members, and roll out outstanding learning and research initiatives that strengthen our reputation in  our areas of expertise— performance management, health-systems management, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

5. We will reach out further to alumni, corporate allies and prospective partners to generate even more of the vital funding we need, and to involve those key players more deeply in the learning, research and career activities of our school.

Moving closer to our goal

By focusing on these five priorities, we the students, faculty members, administrators, alumni, and corporate and community partners of the Telfer School can together move ever closer to our goal of becoming a leading institution for management education and innovative research.