The Telfer School of Management is very pleased to welcome Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, new faculty member and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Chair in Gender, Work and Health Human Resources.

“Professor Bourgeault is a tremendous addition to the Telfer School, a researcher who has garnered an international reputation for her work on health professions, health policy and women's health,” said Dean François Julien. “Her appointment enables us to contribute valuable knowledge on the links between gender, work and health and to deepen our research and teaching expertise in health systems management.”

Professor Bourgeault had been with the Faculty of Heath Sciences where she became a prolific researcher and leader in her field. She held the CIHR/Health Canada Chair in Health Human Resource Policy from 2009-2014. “Ms. Bourgeault has been a model applied chair - a key and respected leader in the community and champion of applied health policy research,” said Dr. Robyn Tamblyn, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research.

The new Chair awarded to Ms. Bourgeault is one of nine chairs in gender, work and health established by CIHR. “This new CIHR Chair will support research focusing on addressing critical knowledge gaps in the area of health human resources,” said Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender, Work and Health. “Ms. Bourgeault’s studies will increase our understanding of how gender influences quality of work, the types of task that are assigned to different health workers, and the movement of health professionals both within Canada and internationally.”

Ms. Bourgeault is the Scientific Director of the pan-Ontario Population Health Improvement Research Network, the Ontario Health Human Resource Research Network and the pan Canadian Health Human Resources Network. She has also developed active research collaborations with faculty at Telfer and she supervises students in the Master of Science in Health Systems Program.

Health systems management at the Telfer School

Long standing relationships with the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences (including among others the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing), the Institute for Population Health and hospitals in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec have enabled the Telfer School of Management to position itself as a leading centre for expertise in health systems. The Telfer School offers two dedicated graduate-level programs in this area, the MSc (Health Systems) and (celebrating 50 years this May) the Master of Health Administration (MHA). 

Photo: Cecilia Van Egmond, Assistant Director, Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR); Professor Ivy Bourgeault; François Julien, Dean of the Telfer School of Management