Professor Richard Clayman is the host of a new TV series, that he designed himself, as part of the Rogers-TV 22 new Fall 2013 line-up community programming. The series, entitled “Unlocking the Leadership Door”, features interviews with some of Ottawa’s most respected leaders from all walks of life focusing on leadership success in medicine, education, family-owned business, sports & entertainment, governance and high-tech innovation. It was designed on the concept that effective leadership – regardless of whether the organization is private business, not-for-profit or other – is fueled by certain essential ingredients. Utilizing interviews with successful Ottawa leaders, the goal of the series to showcase a wide array of those leadership behaviors and attitudes, and present them in such a way as to make them transferable lessons for any viewer.

Professor Clayman first started to contemplate launching his TV show when he heard about Rogers’ MyShow project, which invited member of the audience to submit ideas for new shows. He understood this would enable him to go beyond his usual classroom setting and reach a wider audience. He decided to do some research on TV proposals and got in touch with Rogers to discuss his idea.

When asked about what he is hoping to achieve with this new initiative, he admits that “too often these days, we hear disparaging news about leaders of all types. Rogers-TV believed in a project that not only teaches, but showcases the many successful leadership stories that are right here in our community. Hopefully, it will inspire leaders of all stripes to recommit to what it takes to demonstrate effective, sustainable leadership”.

The series started on September 26 with guests from the Ottawa Heart Institute.

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