Professor Umar Ruhi was the Keynote Speaker at the International Research Conference on E-Business Management (IRCEBM 2013) held in Dubai, UAE. Professor Ruhi is currently on an international research trip delivering keynote lectures and plenary talks at various conferences in the Middle East and Europe.

His talk in Dubai was titled “Unraveling the Next Generation Enterprise: Emergent Operating Models & Technology Architectures”.

Professor Ruhi’s talk focused on the current reality for Next-Generation Enterprises that comprise a sophisticated landscape of post-digital technologies such as social computing, mobile technologies, cloud infrastructures, and advanced analytics applications.

His presentation provided a synopsis of the evolution of these technologies and guiding principles for their effective implementation in organizations. During his talk, he also highlighted the strategic and tactical impact of these technologies on business models, workflow processes and technology architectures. Professor Ruhi highlighted his own perspectives on the subject matter and also talked about objectives and outcomes of related research initiatives currently in-progress. Industry examples and vignettes were used to demonstrate compelling benefits and results from various organizations and to underscore key takeaways for various business functions and management practices.

The presentation concluded with a proposed agenda for academic research. A preliminary list of key research questions pertaining to the purposeful prioritization, implementation and sustainability of new technologies were outlined.