Christian Navarre The last few years have certainly been tumultuous for the automobile sector. The industry is at a turning point in its history and the future seems as varied as it does complex.

Christian Navarre is a professor at the Telfer School of Management. His vast expertise on the auto sector makes him a media favourite when it comes to talking about the evolution of the industry. As part of a book he is working on, he hopes to help car builders, decision makers and consumers consider various future scenarios.

"My research centres around three questions," he notes. "How will the industry evolve and survive? What will replace the combustible motor? And what will be the impact of the computerization of cars on transportation?"

In fact, there are many factors that could transform the face of the industry and stimulate innovation over the next few years. These factors include the growing influence of India or China in the auto sector, gas prices, environmental concerns and technological advances to name only a few.

"Today's automobile is a combination of computers on the move. Imagine, for example, a vehicle that could be driven with a joystick or from a distance... or cars that could communicate with other vehicles on highways to control speed and avoid bottle necks. The possibilities are endless," suggests Prof. Navarre.

By Sophie Coupal