From left to right: Phillipe Lamothe, Matthew Chesser, Emma Azzi and Jean-Claude Mukanya Cibumba

The Telfer School of Management is delighted to announce the recipients of this year’s MBA Student Leadership Awards: Emma Azzi, Matthew Chesser, Philippe Lamothe and Jean-Claude Mukanya Cibumba. These made exceptional contributions to the MBASA as well as the MBA program in general.

The award recipients elicited many positive comments, and the MBA class were effusive in their support for them. 

Emma Azzi
Emma was recognized for her role in organizing the Telfer School’s team at the 2017 MBA Games, as well as her hard work bringing the MBA Games to Ottawa in 2018. Her peers said that her contagious enthusiasm and drive inspire all those who work with her.

Matthew Chesser
MBA students expressed their admiration for Matthew’s organization of alumni panels and many extra-curricular MBA activities. He was described as having a “quiet but cheerful leadership style in everything he did.”  

Phillipe Lamothe
Philippe was recognized for his leadership as the MBASA President, including his support for and promotion of various activities, as well as his participation in a number of events representing the Telfer School.

Jean-Claude Mukanya Cibumba
Jean-Claude was lauded as a talented, inspiring classmate who always strives to give his best. He was recognized for making outstanding contributions as a leader, and for always giving constructive comments in discussions and presentations. 

We extend our warmest congratulations to each of these outstanding students and thank the MBA class for their participation.