“If I had to choose one thing I love most about Telfer, it’s the people,” stated Emma Azzi, MBA Candidate at the Telfer School.

After a remarkable undergraduate experience with Telfer, there was no question where Emma Azzi wanted to continue her studies. For her, Telfer’s commitment to excellence, their dedication to fostering a positive, friendly environment, and their strong sense of student community, were all key factors that influenced her decision to pursue her MBA at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

Elected as the MBA Games Director in January 2017, Emma’s role was to organize a team of Telfer students to travel to Vancouver Island University to represent the University of Ottawa at the MBA Games. As a Canada wide competition that involves student competing in academics, sports, and spirit, Emma knew that her passion for challenges, adventure, and networking opportunities would be fulfilled.

After competing in the games with the small but mighty Telfer team of 16, Emma knew that she wanted to make her mark on the MBA games. “I just had to figure out how.”

The perfect opportunity arose when Vancouver Island University announced an open bid for the 2018 MBA Games Host. With the help of Professor Greg Richards, Emma submitted a proposal documenting why the Telfer School of Management would be the perfect candidate to host the next games.

“Ultimately, we won! I am now the MBA Games 2018 Chair, and am ready to take on this exciting responsibility of hosting over 20 universities in Ottawa this upcoming January for the 30th annual MBA Games. The Games have never been hosted in the capital city and knowing that I played a part in bringing them home is one of my proudest moments at Telfer,” said Emma.

Emma acknowledged that the challenges she faced throughout her undergrad led her to where she is today, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She stated, “I know that every notion learnt during my Telfer training will make me a more confident professional, a stronger business advocate and a better team member. All these qualities and skills will be crucial in shaping my career.”

Connect with Emma here https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmaazzi

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