Mathieu Cloutier, BCom graduate of 1991, chose the Telfer School of Management because of the opportunity that it presented him to study in both languages. Telfer’s strong standing as well as its reputable professors are what pushed Mathieu to make the decision to pursue his education at Telfer. 

One of Mathieu’s fondest memories was being able to participate in the Jeux du Commerce. It was the first time Telfer was participating in this competition, and Mathieu was on the team that brought home the first place prize. The intensive training given to him and his teammates in preparation for this competition was a massive contributor to their success at the competition, according to Mathieu. 

While at Telfer, Mathieu was a very involved student, participating in the Marketing Association in order to develop his network and take advantage of the group mentality. The Marketing Association was very active on campus, partaking in the Christmas Ball and the Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition. As for his fondest memories from his time at Telfer, Mathieu remembers his marketing class from his final year as it taught him essential skills he used upon his graduation. 

After graduating, Mathieu moved on to a publicity agency in Montreal. Using the skills he acquired through participating in case competitions, Mathieu became an integral part of the development team. In 2007, Mathieu moved on to cofound the agency Tank, where he still occupies the position of vice-president, general manager.

Reflecting on what inspires him most, Mathieu mentioned the obstacles thrown at him by clients every day. Using his energy to find creative solutions and to achieve the results his clients need is what stimulates Mathieu in his work. Today, Mathieu continues to involve himself by offering his services as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs, being a member of the jury in the Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition, and recruiting students as interns in his agency. 

Mathieu’s advice to students on life after graduation: do something you love, life is too short; don’t be afraid to fail, and throw yourself into business!