When Roma Tretiak graduated from the Telfer School of Management with her Masters in Health Administration (MHA) back in 1994, she had no idea she would one day find herself working in New York City for the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc.
After graduation, Roma helped launch the opening of the Canadian office of a small French consulting firm, specialized in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, servicing the pharmaceutical industry.  The job posting required an MBA with a concentration in finance, accounting or economics.  What they really needed, what an MHA! She was hired and left immediately for training in Paris.  For the next three years, Roma worked closely with her clients to understand the formulary decision-makers’ requirements for cost-effectiveness data and conducting the necessary research. This was an emerging area for pharmaceutical companies and experienced researchers were in high demand. Roma left the world of consulting to join Pfizer Canada in 1997.  She was immediately attracted to the Pfizer culture and colleagues. She knew she had found a new home. After working to entrench the Outcomes Research function within the Canadian organization, in the summer of 1999, Roma moved to Pfizer’s corporate headquarters in New York. In this global role, Roma developed the outcomes research strategy for new medicines under development and, later, FDA approved medicines in the US and globally, across numerous therapeutic areas.  
In 2009, Roma’s career took another turn and, today, Roma is the Senior Director/Group Leader for Transparency at Pfizer Inc.  . 
“I am very lucky that I have been afforded many opportunities to learn and grow throughout my career.  I have always believed that my MHA from the Telfer School was instrumental in helping me obtain my first job as a consultant.  That experience paved the way to a rewarding career.  I am convinced that the secret to finding new opportunities is to keep an open mind.  Use the phrase “tell me more” at least three times before you pass on an opportunity.  You may be surprised where it leads you!”