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Coworkers in a room at work doing a brainstorm

 |  Category: Student Voice

As defined by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada), “cooperative education (CO-OP) are work terms which provide paid experience in a workplace setting related to the student’s field of study”. With a placement rate of 97%, the CO-OP office at the University of Ottawa offers a wide range of work experience with thousands of employers inside and outside of Canada to thousands of students.   Read more ›

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 |  Category: Student Voice

Choosing which university to attend can be a daunting experience. For some, it may be as simple as looking at university rankings and choosing what is best academically.  For others, proximity to home and cost may be a deciding factor. After choosing to attend the Telfer School of Management, I found that there was so much more about Telfer that could have gone into my decision making, beyond Telfer being recognized as a top business school worldwide.    Read more ›

Sarah Parr - Young Donor of the Year Award

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

My time at Telfer taught me how to work hard and push beyond my limits. I took advantage of the co-op program, which was really valuable because I got to ‘try on’ different jobs. By the time I graduated, I had a year’s worth of internal audit experience and was able to get a great job right out of school.  Read more ›

 Photo Aicha Traoré Aïcha Traoré

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Aïcha Traoré is in the fourth year of her honours BCom (Finance) degree. She worked at Elections Canada, where she was greatly appreciated. Aïcha’s supervisor, Annie de Bellefeuille, describes her as “outstanding in her work and in her ability to deal with both colleagues and clients on major and critical projects.” With a CGPA over 8.5 for three consecutive years, she was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma in April 2017.  Read more ›

Rising Star: Holly Todd

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Maybe you’ve seen her around campus, or was it her identical twin sister?    Read more ›

Shokoofeh Manesh

 |  Category: Rising Stars

For Shokoofeh Manesh, her BCom studies with option in Accounting at the Telfer School of Management have presented opportunities to get involved on campus, allowing her to grow her network and gain invaluable skills. “They say that your university experience will only be as good as what you make of it, and getting involved with clubs at Telfer has allowed me to make my experience truly great,” stated Shokoofeh. “My involvement with clubs and associations has allowed me to make the most of my time at Telfer: not only have I made amazing friendships by getting involved, but I have also grown as a leader in my community.”  Read more ›

Lawrence Quan

 |  Category: Rising Stars

“At Telfer, you won’t only gain knowledge; you’ll also acquire valuable skills and experience  – that’s something I always say at Telfer open houses and I think it really sums up why I feel Telfer stands out. At any business school in Ontario, you will find great in-class learning opportunities. But Telfer excels at offering students a plethora of hands-on experiences like case competitions, CO-OP, and mentorship programs that will make them stand out against the 20,000 other business graduates each year,” stated Lawrence Quan, a student completing his Bachelor of Commerce with option in Marketing.  Read more ›

Brenda Lam

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Congratulations to Brenda Lam, winner of the CO-OP Student of the Year Award from the Telfer School of Management as well as the University of Ottawa!  Read more ›

Robyn Smith and Dean Julien

 |  Category: Rising Stars

This winter, the University of Ottawa's Co-operative Education Programs achieved the milestone of placing its 40,000th student.  Read more ›

Danielle Marquis

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Being a CO-OP student at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, it doesn’t take much deep thought to realize all of its benefits. I am given the opportunity to explore different work environments, meet key people in the job market, create a network, develop my professional skills and learn more about myself and what the future could potentially hold for me. I have gained confidence, new skills and took care of my own projects during only my first work term. Students usually do four work terms during the 4-5 years of their studies and even get the option of finding a work term abroad! Can you imagine all of the possibilities?  Read more ›

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