Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang
4th Year Accounting Student

Networking events are always intimidating. There are limited topics that can be discussed with prospective employers, and the conversation typically only lasts a few minutes. Job searching always seems to be a difficult task. It can be tough to even get an interview! As an international student, you may find it tempting to give up on the job search. Before doing that, you should educate yourself with the resources and help that the Telfer Career Centre can provide you.

1)  Telfer International Career Mentorship Program

The Telfer International Career Mentorship Program facilitates international students’ transition towards a career in Canada. Matched with accomplished mentors, these 3rd and 4th year students will develop their professional skills and learn about Canadian workplace culture. I participated in this program last year, and it taught me to think outside the box while searching for a job. In fact - job searching becomes much easier when there is a mentor assisting you. An exclusive mentor can also refer you to his or her company for work. I believe that signing up for the mentorship program, in addition to networking, really facilitates the job search.

It is comparable to the Telfer Executive Mentoring Program, but international students are more likely to get admitted due to the number of spots available.

2) Workshop: Job Search for International Students

The Telfer Career Centre offers many different workshops and networking events; however, there are still international students who are nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone. It is hard enough to converse with someone you do not know, especially so when English is not your first language. Job searching is a difficult task and can be even more challenging for international students. This workshop, organized by the Career Centre specifically for these students, highlights the nuances of the job search and recruitment process in Canada. It is usually held in the fall term. 

Some of the other workshops offered include Self-understanding, Career Planning and Testing; Career Search Strategies; Rock Your Resumé; Interview Skills; Networking Strategies; First Impressions; Social Media; and finally, Job Search for International Students.

If you want to nail an interview, I would also highly recommend booking an appointment for a practice interview with a Career Counsellor or a Career Advisor. 

3) Telfer Global Talent Portal

As international students, we are exposed to opportunities both in Canada, as well as in our own nation. The Telfer Career Centre has launched the Telfer Global Talent Portal (GTP), a global career portal that comes as an addition to all other existing initiatives and resources which students have access to. It is targeted towards international students looking for placements back home, and local students who want to explore different countries outside of Canada.

As a Telfer student, you gain an exclusive access to an international network of internship and job opportunities in Asia, Europe and America. There are 420 participating countries, and numerous large companies like Accenture, Amazon, IBM, CISCO, and Microsoft. Visit to get more details!     

I hope that this blog post will help you discover what the Telfer Career Centre offers students who are searching for work. One thing to always keep in mind - do not ever lose confidence in yourself and your abilities, no matter how challenging things may be! Believe in yourself, and know that the Telfer Career Centre is here to support you and answer any questions you may have.