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Have you heard about the Connexions Internship Program? It is an unpaid internship program that allows you to gain experience. This program is an alternative for all students who want to gain experience but who are not enrolled in CO-OP or in the BCom Internship Program. Connexions internships are unpaid, and instead of compensation you will receive three credits, which is equivalent to one of your program courses.

Before discussing it further, let’s look at the Program’s eligibility criteria. As mentioned above, this program is available to any student who is not part of an internship program. Simply put, one of the prerequisites for joining Connexions is not to be enrolled in the CO-OP program or in the BCom Internship Program. Students must also have completed all their common core courses, i.e. their first and second-year courses (although in some specializations, second-year courses may be considered outside the common core). There are, of course, other eligibility criteria such as a minimum CGPA and many others.

That is why you are invited to attend an information session. The information session is mandatory if you are considering this internship program. After the session, you can proceed to the next step: the application process.

Once you are accepted, you can attend the networking activity with all employers affiliated with the program. At this stage, do not get stressed, because employers are looking for a skilled workforce (i.e. you) as much as you are looking for experience. The program includes a large number of employers who are all of interest, whether it is a non-profit enterprise, a start-up, or even a well-established company. To give you an idea, last year's employers included Welchgroup Consulting, the US Embassy, ​​BDO Canada, the City of Ottawa and many others. Employers offer a variety of positions, for example, a finance internship or a marketing internship so there is something for everyone.

Finally, after the networking activity, you can start applying, and, of course, when you receive your internship offer, your Connexions experience begins!

In conclusion, the Connexions Program creates a link between an employer and a student. Both parties are looking for something that only the other party can offer. Beyond compensation, there is much to gain, namely experience, contacts, and above work ethics.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the next information session and do not miss the application deadline of October 16 for winter 2018 internships!

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