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Three Free Applications for Productivity and Organization

Tags: Productivity, Organisation, Career Planning

Everyone has been using technology for school in new and exciting ways this year, but the costs can add up. From extra monitors to ergonomic office chairs, learning from home seems to imply a lot of hidden costs. Fortunately, here are three FREE apps for productivity and organization that make online school a whole lot easier!  Read more ›

Career: How to Create a Solid Action Plan

Tags: Career Planning, Career Development

Planning is an integral process that applies to various disciplines in life. Artists will envision their paintings before creating their final masterpiece. Athletes will plan their workout routine and diet to reach their fitness goal. If something is important to you, then sufficient time will be spent in planning the process before setting out to achieve it. So, when it comes to your career, no less effort should be devoted to planning how to reach your future aspirations.  Read more ›

How Using Mindfulness in your Job Search can be a Game Changer

As students and professionals, you may already have developed several job-search strategies: a solid resumé ready, multiple job alerts set up, and a vast LinkedIn network. But did you know that practising mindfulness can also help you optimize your job‑search results in many ways?  Read more ›

Career plan images

Tags: Career Planning, Career Development

It’s never too early to start planning for your career! Whether you’re in your first term of university or your last, it’s important to start thinking about what you’re going to do once you graduate.  Read more ›

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