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Change, Creativity, and Resilience: How Your Telfer Student Services Centre Has Adapted to the COVID 19 Pandemic

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We are now midway through the summer break. As many of you are about to start their next summer class or a new part-time job, our leaders here at the Student Services Centre are finally able to catch a breath after a grueling period of adaptation. At the Telfer Undergrad Office as in the business world, crucial decisions had to be made, and contingency plans had to be implemented. This week, two of our esteemed colleagues are sharing their insights on change, creativity, and resilience.  Read more ›

Why I Chose To Switch My Option In My Fourth Year Of University

Tags: Networking, CareerPath, Change

For the past four years, I had been set on working in Accounting for the Federal Government. It was what I had decided on as soon as I finished my summer internship with CRA back in August 2016. My following internship with DFO from May to December 2018, had validated that belief as well. I really enjoyed the work environments, the learning opportunities, and the people that I had been lucky enough to encounter on my teams.  Read more ›

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