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Why your Skills are More Important than a Degree

Tags: Transferable Skills, jobs

In today’s rapidly changing job market, having a good degree coupled with tangible and transferable skills has become a necessity. But the question to be asked is, which is more important: skills or a degree?  Read more ›

How working with kids helped me in the business world

Tags: leadership, Transferable Skills, Job Experience

I started working with children during my last year of high school as a way to make some extra pocket money, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I held a variety of positions over the last three years, including in an after-school program, teaching dance and drama classes, as well as working at summer camps in July and August.  Read more ›

Like a Boss: Leveraging a Non-Business-Related Summer Job

Tags: Transferable Skills, resumé, Job Experience

Let’s face it. Although most Telfer students were hoping to land a summer job in their field of study, many spent the last few months selling clothes or serving food. Sometimes, one simply has to pay the bills or to start somewhere. If you think your last summer job or current part-time job is inconsequential with regard to your professional journey think again. Here is how you can use a seemingly mundane job as a stepping stone towards your success in the business world.  Read more ›

Why Skills Matter As Much, Or More, Than A Degree.

Tags: Transferable Skills

From the day that we’re born, we’re raised to go to school, make friends, take part in activities and develop hobbies of our own. We progress through the stages of kindergarten to middle school, high school to post-secondary school, and for some of us, graduate school. Now, the real question is, why do we go through all of this schooling? The answer is simple. For most of us, it’s so that we can get a job. As humans, we have this idea that once we get our degree, we’ll get a job. But it takes some thought to realize that nothing is really set in stone; it’s not guaranteed that by simply getting a degree, we’ll get a job. In fact, there is a key idea that links us to the world of work, and that, is the skills that we develop throughout our life.  Read more ›

3 Key Traits Employers Look For

I am very grateful for the job experiences I have had so far. They're great for building my resumé and my skills, but they’re also great in painting a clearer picture of what employers look for in a candidate. Today, I will emphasize the importance of possessing certain traits and why they matter to your future. They also happen to be characteristics that you will find useful in your personal life and academic life.  Read more ›

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