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Sandrine Sebogo
Sandrine Sebogo
3rd Year Finance Student

The month of March is already quite busy given midterms and the various assignments that need to be handed in. On top of that, it’s interview season! To help you shine in your interviews, I’m sharing with you 3 great tips that will help you secure the job you want.

1) Know your strengths

To get to know your strengths, you have to prepare by carefully reviewing the job posting. Brainstorm on your personality traits, your background and your objectives. This will help you identify your skills and qualities that directly relate to the job. You can also rely on Career Centre staff to help, whether it’s through practice interviews with employers or through the Interview 101 Clinics.

2) Conduct research on the targeted company

It is crucial to get to know the employer you’re about to meet. You can do research on the company’s official website or contact someone you may know within the organization. Here are some examples of information to seek out in your search: the company’s objectives and mandate, their key services and activities, and their organizational chart.

3) Dress professionally

The goal here is to make a good impression. The employer must sense by looking at your professional attire that you take this job opportunity seriously. Dress too casually and you will leave them with the wrong impression.

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