Welcome to the PhD program in the capital of Canada, at Telfer School of Management, one of the two business schools in the country with the Triple Crown of business school accreditations.

Our PhD program encourages graduate students to embark on the doctoral studies journey over a 4-year period, supported by a full scholarship offered to eligible students by Telfer School of Management. Upon admission, PhD students can specialize in one of the five main fields of study, led by experienced, worldclass and dedicated faculty in: Accounting and Control, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Health Systems, and Organization Behavior and Human Resources.

By joining the PhD program at Telfer, students will enjoy a stimulating class environment with a diverse Canadian and international group, and will benefit from the team-teaching approach and the multidisciplinary research expertise of a large number of the faculty. Under the mentoring of their supervisors and with the continuous support of the dedicated staff from the Graduate and Research Offices at Telfer, the PhD students will also learn about and participate in numerous grant applications, workshops, research competitions and awards.

Whether interested in pursuing a future career in academia, consulting, or applied research, the Doctoral program in Management at Telfer will allow students to gain cutting-edge knowledge and develop theory-based and applied research experience that prepare them for diverse careers.

I strongly encourage you to explore the various links on our website in order to learn more about what the PhD program can offer you, and contact the faculty lead listed under the respective area of specialization of interest to you. I will also be happy to assist you if you need additional information about the PhD program.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Telfer School of Management.


Mirou Jaana, PhD
Full Professor
Director, PhD Program in Management