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Management Consulting Project Request

Let our students take on a business project for you.

Management Consulting Project Overview

Through the Management Consulting Project, your organization receives customized management advisory services at no cost while contributing in a tangible way to the career development of Telfer BCom students interested in a career in consulting. Through this experiential learning opportunity, students provide your organization with recommendations that address your priority areas.

Student teams have access to various resources, such as the Telfer School of Management’s library, Bloomberg terminals, business analytics infrastructure, and faculty members who specialize, as well as a supervising professor and mentorship from industry professionals equipped with Certified Management Consultant (CMC) or Fellow CMC (FCMC) credentials.

Examples of possible PMCP Management Consulting Projects

  • Completing an in-depth review of business processes and reengineering them for greater efficiency
  • Developing a business case for a new investment
  • Executing a marketing and strategic analysis
  • Formulating more effective stakeholder outreach methods
  • Introducing operational innovations
  • Investigating a new line of revenue streams
  • Leading a feasibility study and creating a market-entry strategy 
  • Performing a competitive analysis and developing a scalable growth strategy
  • Performing value-for-money reviews
  • Preparing a change management strategy
  • Providing organizational development insights
  • Suggesting infrastructure or system improvements

Project Selection Criteria

Students delivering a presentation at en employer partner
  1. Relevance
    Project should be of importance to the organization. Results should be reviewed at mid-senior to senior level. 

  2. Content
    Opportunity should call for research, analysis, options, recommendations, and written and oral presentations.

  3. Multi-Disciplinary
    Project should ideally reflect more than one functional area and require a multidisciplinary application of skills. For example, a project involving only a marketing plan, but no financial analysis, would not be suitable. The project should also include the people side of the proposed change.

  4. Focus and Scope
    The Project must have a well-defined, manageable issue or problem. Project must be challenging enough to require a team of 3-5 undergraduate students and should be completed within a 10-week timeframe.

Duration and Time Requirement

On average, each participant is expected to dedicate roughly 60 hours to the project.

Therefore, each team of 3-5 students would dedicate 180- 300 hours to the project over 10 weeks (September - November).


There are no costs associated with the Management Consulting Project. Students earn three units toward their degree and gain a unique management consulting experience.


If you are interested in submitting a request for a consulting project or have any questions, please contact the Program Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will have until August 1 to submit the Consulting Project Request for Service Form. The matching process will take place in mid-August; all projects will be presented to the groups of students. Students will choose the project that best suits their skill set and areas of interest and a matching process will take place.  Student teams will then contact you in late August to start on the formal proposal to you with the project approach and methodology.

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