Department of Fisheries and Oceans ship In 2006, the Telfer School of Management, in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), created an internship program for second year students to help them gain work experience in the fields of program auditing and evaluation while completing their Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Successful candidates not only have the chance to gain valuable experience, but also may have the opportunity to begin a full-time career with the DFO in the Audit and Evaluation Directorate once they have completed the program.

Over the last three years, interns have been invited to attend an educational field trip organised by Mr. Robert Hamilton, Chief Audit Executive, and his team, aiming to further familiarize students with the DFO and its activities. This year, five interns had the opportunity to travel to the Central and Arctic Region. They visited the Freshwater Institute’s scientific laboratory in Winnipeg and were able to learn more about the numerous DFO programs such as the aquaculture, aquatic species, and ecosystem programs, as well as other various research projects currently in the works. Moreover, they toured the Red River aboard the Vakta, a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) boat, where they observed work being done in Fish Habitat Management and learned more about the role played by the CCG. Students also visited two ports, one in Lockport and the other in Gimli, both located on Lake Winnipeg.

This three-day trip was certainly a very valuable experience and gave students the opportunity to get to know the various roles and mandates of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.