This year, the Telfer Executive MBA class of 2011 visited Johannesburg, South Africa as a part of their International Consulting project.  While in South Africa, 3 students wrote about their experiences. 

You’ve Got To Live It, To Understand It
By Bill McMillan

Telfer EMBA Students Building Business Relationships in South Africa
By Marc Lamarre

Johannesburg, South Africa: First Impressions
By Sylvain Lemieux

About the International Consulting Project and Trip

The International Consulting Project and Trip takes place in April, at the end of the Telfer EMBA Program. It enables students to apply what they learned on a global stage.

During the first year of the program, the class uses a structured process to select an international destination with market potential for Canadian companies.

Based on the company selected in the Corporate Strategy project, teams determine business and market objectives, conduct business intelligence analysis and develop preliminary recommendations prior to the trip.

During the trip, teams gather further intelligence through interviews and other data gathering methods to validate market potential, explore avenues of conducting business, solidify contacts, and experience the local rules and protocols of business first-hand. Upon the class' return, they present the results to the client organization.