This interuniversity competition reunited over 300 students from 10 universities in Eastern Canada. The goal of this competition is to measure the expertise, the skills and the knowledge of students in human resource management. This also ensures the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Telfer School of Management won the following trophies:

1st place - Overall Standing

1st place - Human Resources Case

Brittany Rockwell
Melissa Lanigan
Linda Mouhamou
Coach: Shannon Leiba O'Sullivan

1st place - Sport (Korfball)

Josée Archambault
Léon Forest-Nault
Jaime Green
Jacob Legault
Brent Miller
Alisha Zhao
Coach: Leah Arsenault

2nd place - Arbitration Case

Sarah Clayton
Meagan Minnings
Steve Nyenkamp
Coach: Suzanne Payette

4th place - HR Quiz

Manon Arcand
Lauriane Songuissa-Moulangou
Heather Whyte

5th place - Negotiation Case

Aymeric Beard
Alex Massi
Jennifer Proulx
Coaches : Audrey Lamarche et Suzanne Payette