We are pleased to announce the launch a new web site dedicated to the Telfer School of Management’s brand. The Linked with Leadership web portal showcases our school’s brand in a dynamic and interactive fashion. The site features:

  • “Telfer World”: An interactive map of the world that allows you to see where all of the Telfer School’s 20,000 alumni are located and how many are in senior or executive positions with their organisations;
  • “Alumni Leaders”: Profiles of alumni leaders from around the world with social media networking links for those who opted in;
  • “What’s On”: A dynamic upcoming events feed originating from the Telfer School’s online calendar;
  • “On the Move”: International destinations where Telfer School representatives will host events, present at conferences, etc;
  • “Leaders@Telfer”: A dynamic display of past and upcoming guest speakers;
  • “Focus on Programs”: Short promotional descriptions and links to program websites;
  • “Leader Wire”: A feed of the latest Telfer School-related comments on Twitter, as well as links to official Telfer Social media accounts;
  • “Our Brand”: A description of the Telfer School and our Linked with Leadership brand, as well downloadable logos and templates.

You can access the portal by clicking on any of the “Linked with leadership” banners found in the footer of all of our web pages, or by visiting: https://telfer.uottawa.ca/leadership [This link is no longer available].