Saturday, May 12, we all celebrated the 5th anniversary of Ian Telfer's transformative gift to the School. The event was an opportunity to highlight the repercussions of the biggest donation ever made to a Canadian business school and was a great success in many ways. More than 165 members of staff, professors, alumni, students and friends of the Telfer School were present to show support and appreciation to Mr. Telfer and the numerous impacts his involvement has had on so many students.

In his speech, Dean Julien referred to a few of the Telfer School accomplishments, such as becoming one of about fifty triple-crown schools in the world, winning various academic competitions and the launch of improved programs adapted to current needs. To mark the 5-year anniversary, Dean Julien presented Ian Telfer with a custom-made album featuring a brief history of the University and of Mr. Telfer’s family, his years at the University of Ottawa and the evolution of the School ever since.

As an expression of our great appreciation, the University of Ottawa also presented Ian Telfer with a recreation of the first keys to the original wood structure that housed Bytown College in 1848. These keys, replicated using the ancient lost wax process, are a symbol of the University of Ottawa’s commitment to keeping its storied past alive.

Other events are being organized to celebrate Ian Telfer’s commitment to the Telfer School including alumni receptions in Halifax on June 4 and in Paris, on June 9.

See the pictures taken at the event on Facebook or Flickr.