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“Jeux du commerce results”

This year's delegation brought home 10 trophies, including the Academic Cup, which has been won by the Telfer School for the 4th year in a row. This is also the sixth time that the Telfer School has finished in the top three positions overall.

Team Awards:

  • Academic Cup: Top school in the academic activities
  • 2nd place Overall Standings

1st place trophies:

  • Debate (Jed Cross, Mareine Gervais Cloutier, Matthew Spoke, Ben Tramontini)
    Coach: Marielle Milot
  • Entrepreneurship Case (Myron Gomes, Sophie Allain-Melanson, Vanessa Vaillant)
    Coach: Professor Barbara Orser
  • International Management Case (Andrew Bigioni, Lisa Moore, Diane Mugeni)
    Coach: Professor Tyler Chamberlin

2nd place trophies:

  • Finance Case (Cam Bevan, Emily Mckey, Alexandra Sylvestre)
    Coach: Professor Allan Riding
  • Human Resources Management Case (Louis-Beaudoin Charlebois , Meagan Minnings, Heather Whyte)
    Coach: Professor Jacques Barrette
  • Marketing Case (Lindley Graham, Mylene Gauthier and Alicia Kehoe)
    Coaches: Professor David Large and François Neville

3rd place trophies:

  • Tax Case (Simon Couvrette, Greg Toner and Emilie Paiement)
    Coach: Professor Kathryn Pedwell
  • Handball Team (Alexandra Cleave, Alexandra Dauphinais, Jaime Green, Rodolphe Abou Hamad, Graeme Kehoe, Jake Legault, Adam Massia, Leon Forest-Nault, Mike Sutcliffe)
    Coach: Daniel Bernard