Jade St-Laurent Making History, Building Futures
Celebrating extraordinary women at the University of Ottawa

“Go forward! Don’t wait for the others to help you reach the top.”
-Jade St-Laurent, Undergraduate student, Telfer School of Management

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CO-OP Program Testimonial

As soon as I arrived at the University of Ottawa, I decided to enrol in the CO-OP program so that I could get some work experience. After doing my first three work terms in Ottawa, I wanted something unusual and more challenging for my last term. When the CO-OP office told me that there were scholarships for students who wanted to do a work term abroad, I leapt at the chance. I found a work term in France in my field of study, marketing.

Working in Paris allowed me to learn French work methods and meet many people. It strengthened my sense of independence and resourcefulness. The experience of working abroad and having to adapt to the customs and practices of another country is very rewarding. It opens you to the world. The summer I spent in Paris was the best summer of my life! To have the full university experience as well as acquiring work experience before starting a career, I strongly recommend that all students consider joining the CO-OP program and doing a work term in another country.