2010 HM team The University of Ottawa would like to congratulate the delegation of 35 students from the Telfer School of Management that represented us at 2010 Happening Marketing competition. This event was hosted by Université de Sherbrooke from March 26-29, 2010. This is the third year in a row that the Telfer School has finished in the top 3.

The Telfer School won the following trophies:

1st place – Overall Standing

1st place – International Marketing (Myron Gomes, Leah Orvis, Vanessa Vaillant)

1st place – Relationship Marketing (Jordan Demeo, Bradley McLeod, Jade St-Laurent)

2nd place - Integrated Marketing Communications Case (Jennifer Butson, Lindley Graham, Alicia Kehoe)

2nd place – Business-to-Business (Jasmine Bennett, Marie-Pier Bertrand, Christopher Sisto)

2nd place – Strategic Marketing (Meghan Kelly, Edyta Kosior, Louis Racine)

2nd place – Sports (Léon Forest-Nault, Mylène Gauthier, Jessica Gillespie, Paul Leblanc, Isabelle Moo Sang, Micheal Sutcliffe, Craig Tai, Alisha Zhao)

Happening Marketing is an inter-university competition which gathers nearly 500 students from over 11 universities in Eastern Canada. This competition is also the second largest overseen by REFAEC, after the Jeux du commerce.

Since 1991, students have had the opportunity to meet at this gathering and test their knowledge, skills, creativity and school spirit. Participants measure up against their peers from other universities in academic cases, as well as sport and social activities.