From January 6 to 8, 2017, nearly 130 students represented the Telfer School of Management at two of Canada's biggest inter-university competitions. The teams participated in academic, sporting and social events.

The first competition, Jeux du commerce (JDC), gathered 13 universities at the Université de Moncton in New Brunswick, as the bilingual competition celebrated its 29th year.

The second competition took place back home in Ottawa, where more Telfer students competed at Carleton University for Jeux du commerce Central (JDCC), an annual event hosted by the Canadian Association of Business Students that brings together 14 universities across Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes. 

Congratulations to students for winning the following in academic, sporting and social events:

Team Awards

  • JDC 3rd Place overall, Academic Cup
  • JDC Recognition Award : Liane Brière

1st Place Trophies

  • JDC Marketing Case: Amy Lam, Brenda Lam and Roma Stepanchenko
    (Coach: Professor David Large)
  • JDC Surprise Case: Caroline Robertson, Sarai Castrejon and Kassandra Tannouri
  • JDC Sport - Volleyball: Mira Azzi, Michele Ancrum, Mathieu Brunet, Curtis Lu, Adam Wang, Marisha Sesto, Dylan Kostka, Jordan Earls and Yvan Ntivumbara
    (Coaches: Fadi Azzi and Emily Ryan)
  • JDCC International Business: Paxton Mayer, Mussie Hailu and Mila Giray
    (Coaches: Professor Tyler Chamberlin, Jesse Dunn and Richard Laberge)
  • JDCC Delegation MVP: Mila Giray

3rd Place Trophies

  • JDC Entrepreneurial Innovation Case: Emily Potvin, Chelsea Parker and Tarek Mansour
    (Coach: Professor Stephen Daze)
  • JDC Project Management Case: Paul Eom, Eric Thomson and Sharanya Tharmarajan
    (Coach: Aghilas Chebini)
  • JDC Finance Case: Rabbi Kazi, Scott Beiersdorfer, Margaret Omodu
    (Coach: Professor Michael Reynolds)
  • JDCC Accounting Case: Nikita Gupta, Julie-Anne Given and Meaghan McMahon (Coaches: Professor Sylvain Durocher and Professor Sheldon Weatherstone)

Written by Amy Lam, VP Academic of the JDC Delegation