Historians have begun to make inroads into business schools, demonstrating that past business decisions can offer valuable lessons for the present. Their research is proving that businesspeople face the same fundamental challenges as their historical counterparts – finding partners, establishing commercial networks, making investments, generating profits. In that vein the Telfer School welcomes Dr. Dilfuza Kasimova, who is interested in both the history of accounting practices and Japanese management accounting.

An assistant professor at Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Dr. Kasimova presented her research titled “Early Management Accounting Practices in Japan – the Case of the Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company” on May 16. Dr. Kasimova is here on a two-month research stay at the invitation of Cheryl S. McWatters, Father Edgar Thivierge Chair in Business History, and Daniel Zéghal of the CGA Accounting Research Centre.