The Entrepreneurship Foundry is a new Telfer-led initiative that brings together collaborators from across campus to build, manage and deliver a semester-long, for-credit course that sees undergraduate participants apply for entry in order to start a venture over 13 weeks.

The Entrepreneurship Foundry Course will focus on helping students move beyond the discovery and planning stages of starting a company to the possible launch of an actual venture in a structured, for-credit learning environment.

"The course is open to all Faculties" said Stephen Daze, Dom Herrick Entrepreneur in Residence. Basically, "students will have the option to either pitch an idea and build a team around their concept or enter the course simply willing to contribute as a team member to another business concept".

An interview and acceptance process will ensure only those most committed to real entrepreneurship will be accepted. 

The course will run this fall on Mondays from 7-10 p.m. and space is limited to 25 students.