The Telfer MBA program focuses particular attention on high performance organizations. The trip to Europe is designed to provide MBA students with a perspective on what high performance organizations look like in a European environment. With this in mind, the Telfer School has arranged for the MBA students to travel to Brussels, Antwerpen, Leuven and Paris to meet with executives from Nike, Google, Accenture, l’Oréal, Sodexo, Deloitte, Alcatel Lucent and Ivanhoe Cambridge Europe. Students from the Telfer MBA program will be blogging about their experience on this trip.

[These articles are no longer available.]

Arriving in Leuven and Touring AB Inbev
By Karim Sultan, PMP, CPIM, Telfer MBA candidate

Telfer MBA Students visit Nike and the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
By Pier Martin, Telfer MBA Candidate

Learning more about Alcatel-Lucent, Deloitte and Accenture
By Sabaah Choudhary, Banreet Garcha and Marco Tascona

The Importance of Brands and Self-Reflection
By Maria McKay and Ashley Walker, Telfer MBA candidates

Telfer MBA Students Visit Google France and Ivanhoé Cambridge 
By Constance Robertson, Telfer MBA Candidate

Visite de L'Oréal Paris, Sodexo et l'ESCP (in French only)
By Kim Benoît, Telfer MBA candidate