With an ever increasing population and an aging workforce, the complexity of our healthcare system becomes all the more apparent. Margins for hospitals are under increasing scrutiny, whereby the incentive to perform at a higher level, to improve efficiencies, and to provide better quality care for patients is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, the creation of our option in Healthcare Analytics seeks to fill that need, understanding that healthcare systems are undergoing unprecedented transformation fuelled by the digitization of services and investments in health information technologies. 

Launching in September 2018, our BCom option in Healthcare Analytics is a field built on the crucial role that data, systems engineering, management, and organizational innovation play in improving the quality and timeliness of service delivery in a high performing healthcare system. This field answers a need to develop expertise to create the research and training capabilities required for transforming healthcare into a system that adheres to the principles of patient-centered care and participatory medicine.

According to Jonathan Patrick, Associate Professor and Program Director of the School’s MSc in Health Systems, this program is the perfect opportunity for high school students to pursue their undergraduate program in business and to forge a path toward making a social impact. While the program focuses on subjects such as quantitative analysis and data management, it introduces the challenges of applying these to the human factor of the healthcare field: patients with will and mind.

With the integration of a 4th year honours project, where students must solve a healthcare systems issue using business analytics tools, graduates of this option are left with a competitive advantage. Career opportunities are boundless, whether with local healthcare integration networks (LHIN), accrediting bodies, hospital administration, or analytics consulting firms. Alternatively, students interested in research can pursue their MSc in Health Systems.

As one of the only institutions in Canada to offer this type of program at the undergraduate level, our option in Healthcare Analytics is a differentiator at the School and one we see growing exponentially over the next few years.