The 2nd Annual Legacy Conference took place on November 12, 2011 at Ottawa City Hall. The conference was created by Mohammad Al Azzouni and hosted in part by the Telfer School of Management's newest club; SIFE uOttawa.

Through nothing but passion, the team wanted to motivate and inspire students to go out and create their own “legacy” through speakers such as Gus Takkale, author of 5 Cs to Change, and Tracey Clarke, Managing Director of Bridgehead.

The students also participated in a very intense panel discussion on How to Raise Capital for your Startup, where Harley Finklestein from Ottawa’s fastest growing start-up Shopify, Scott Annan, founder of Mercurygrove, and Ron Warburton, Managing Director at BDC Venture Capital.

Five workshops with topics ranging from Effective Presentation to Business Designing were then facilitated by many of Ottawa’s bright entrepreneurs, including Telfer School alumnus, Kyle Braatz. This equipped students with life skills to then go out and create.

Ian Scott, Economic Development Officer of the City of Ottawa said “This conference had the perfect balance of entertainment, information, and connection. You were always excited to what was next. Congratulations on an excellent conference”.

Most importantly, the conference wanted to bridge the gap between faculties. Many students from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Social Sciences came out and connected with Telfer School students. “By all measures, the conference was a huge success!” said Mohammad Al Azzouni.