We are proud to announce that every team we sent at Happening Marketing finished in the top three for the academic cases. This year, the competition took place at Université Laval in Quebec City.

B2B (Business to business Marketing) - 1st place

  • Antoine Bégin
  • Corey Ellis
  • Linda Mouhamou 

Coaches : Professor David Large, Christopher Sisto
Assistant Coach: Diane Mugeni

International Marketing - 1st place

  • Carley Clouthier
  • Vincent Baulne
  • Martin Rivard
Coach: Leila Hamzaoui

Strategy - 1st place

  • Lloyd Alexander
  • Sara Valentino
  • Saxon Giddings
Coaches: Claude Beaupre and Jayme Fallen
Assistant Coach: Christina Sluyter

Relationship Marketing - 3rd place

  • Brittany Blain-Wambolt
  • Julie-Anne Gagné
  • Andrew Packer
Coach: Mike Weatherhead, Myron Gomes and professor James Bowen

Integrated Marketing Communication - 3rd place

  • Raphaël Morin
  • Samantha Buch
  • Vineeth Sampathkumar
Coaches: professor Michael Guolla and Shawna OBrien

In addition, the Telfer School was named the school who improved the most this year.